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Project Overview:

Our project, the Fair Share Bill Splitter, was initiated as a personal endeavor outside of our regular company operations. Recognizing the common challenge of splitting bills among large groups of friends, we decided to create a solution that would streamline this process, providing users with an efficient and user-friendly platform.

Team and Resources:

As company owners, Aubrey and Jeandré, we took on the project in our spare time. Our combined skills allowed us to manage different aspects of the project. Aubrey handled the design and UI development, while Jeandré focused on the backend and database. We leveraged React Native for the frontend, a Sql Server database, and a C# backend.

Project Execution:

Given our limited time resources, we prioritized efficient execution. We analyzed the bill-splitting process and began developing the app. Our approach was agile, enabling us to adapt as needed and incorporate user feedback during development.

The app successfully provided the ability to upload bills and split them among friends, meeting the core project objectives. While managing this project alongside our regular company operations, we remained dedicated to ensuring a seamless user experience.

Results and Achievements:

Despite our project's limited timeline due to being pursued in our spare time, we achieved significant success. The Fair Share Bill Splitter app boasts an elegant UI design, enhancing user experience and simplifying bill splitting for large groups.

Lessons Learned:

Juggling this project with our company responsibilities taught us valuable lessons in time management, prioritization, and balancing multiple commitments. We also gained insights into UI design for diverse devices, resolving various bugs through extensive research.


The Fair Share Bill Splitter project exemplifies our dedication to problem-solving and innovation, even in our limited spare time. The app's user-friendly design and successful bill-splitting functionality reflect our commitment to delivering practical solutions. Despite the challenges, we're proud to have created an app that simplifies a common task for many users. We'll carry forward the lessons learned from this project into future endeavors, ensuring we continue to provide innovative and user-centric solutions.


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