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Project Overview:

Our company had previously developed an app that connects people who need care for their elderly family members with caregivers who can provide the services they need. However, we realized that the app's user interface (UI) could benefit from a redesign to improve its usability and overall user experience.

After reviewing the existing app, we suggested to the client that we could redesign the UI to make it more modern, clean, and user-friendly. The client agreed to the proposal, and we proceeded with the project.

Team and Resources:

Our team consisted of UI/UX designers and developers. We used Figma and ProtoPie to create wireframes and prototypes of the redesigned UI.

Project Execution:

We followed a design thinking process to ensure that we fully understood the app's users and their needs before beginning the redesign. We analyzed user feedback from the existing app to identify pain points and areas for improvement.

Based on our analysis, we created wireframes and prototypes of the redesigned UI, incorporating feedback from the client and conducting multiple rounds of testing with our team to ensure that the new design was intuitive and easy to use.

The redesigned UI featured a cleaner, more modern look and feel, with simplified navigation and clearer calls to action. We also incorporated new features, such as a more robust search function and improved messaging capabilities between caregivers and users.

Results and Achievements:

The redesigned UI was well received by the client and their users. The client reported an increase in engagement and bookings on the platform after the redesign was implemented.

Users praised the new design for its ease of use and modern look and feel. The redesigned app also received positive feedback from industry experts, with some noting the improvements in user experience and the overall professionalism of the app's design.

Lessons Learned:

One of the key takeaways from this project was the importance of understanding the user experience in creating a UI that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. We also learned the value of incorporating feedback from users and conducting testing to ensure that the new design meets user needs.

We also realized the importance of being proactive in suggesting improvements to our clients, even when they have not specifically requested them. This can help build trust and strengthen our relationship with clients.


The redesigned UI of the app was a success, improving the user experience and engagement on the platform. Our team is proud of the work we have done, and we believe that this project showcases our expertise in creating user-friendly and impactful app designs, even with the use of limited resources such as Figma and ProtoPie.